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Biology of Mold

2/28/2019 (Permalink)

Understanding Mold

Like all living things mold needs a food, water, time to grow, and a comfortable temperature between 32°F–122°F. Mold has survival skills as well, if attacked it will practice fight or flight. The way mold fights is by releasing toxins to kill off it’s attackers, usually other species of mold but in some cases the person trying to clean it up. Should mold not be able to fight it will take flight, as mold drys out and dies it releases spores (mold seeds), that will float in the air, some times for thousands of years, till they land in just the right conditions to sprout back to life. Think of it like that dandelion in full bloom you picked as a kid, and blew the cloud of seed pods all over the back yard or play ground.

The black, green, orange or other colors of the rainbow you see on the wall and carpet when mold had gotten out of control, is for the most part the digested by product of the mold consumed. The mold spores and hyphae are to small to be seen with the naked eye.  This is one of the reasons we sometimes recommend air testing after the visible contaminants are removed or disinfected.

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