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Mold Remediation Ohio

This picture, in Forest, Ohio, shows the final stage of our Mold Remediation process.  After demolition is complete, we spray seal the stud walls where water and growth was previously affected. SERVPRO® of Hancock County is always here to help.  "Like it never even happened.®"

Floor Removal for Microbial Growth

This home had a water leak that sprayed underneath their home for some time before they noticed. The turn out of that water and moisture was microbial growth underneath the home. Leaving microbial growth unattended can become a causing factor of rot. In this case, the growth is on wood, so it's good that these homeowners are having the situation taken care of earlier rather than later. 

Our crew had to remove the flooring, padding, and sub-floor to expose the entire area of growth. This ensured an easy and efficient remediation. We make sure to specially train our technicians so that the microbial growth jobs are being handled in a healthy and proper way.

Water Damage & Mold Remediation

Water damage, if gone untreated, can create an entire other problem for your home...microbial growth. If you notice that you may have growth, don't try to treat it yourself. The best thing that you can do for you and your family is to call SERVPRO of Hancock County for a test. Our crew members can perform special testing inside and outside of your home. The test results will help our team determine a plan on action.

Mold Remediation for local resident

A resident of Carey, Ohio discovered what appeared to be water damage, and in fact is microbial growth as well. Our Production Manager, Chase Perkins, was able to stop by and take a look at the damage that was present. We're currently placing equipment in the home to begin to restoration and remediation process. 

Our technicians are sure to follow safety standards for not only themselves, but for your home as well. Safety and great service are our priorities when tending to a job site. 

Post Water Damage

Mold remediation may be needed in some water damage cases. The moisture from the standing water can create a great home for mold spores. It's important to call us immediately if you notice any possible microbial growth, as our experts can perform a microbial growth test and treatment, if needed.

Microbial Growth After Water Damage

When water damage occurs, there is always a possibility of microbial and/or fungal growth in or around the affected areas. In this case, a family's home was affected by water damage, which resulted in some underlying affects, such as this possible microbial growth. 

Here to Help

Never let microbial or fungal growth go untreated. SERVPRO of Hancock County has professional experts that can provide excellent mold remediation for your home or business. Visit our blog about Understand Mold for more information.

Microbial/Fungal Growth in The Home

Call SERVPRO today if you sense that you may have growth in your home. Provide a safe and pleasant environment for both your family and your friends with our mold remediation process.